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Times Square
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42nd Street.
You don’t need your NYPASS for Central Park
You don’t need tickets for Central Park

Times Square, the crossroads of the world! You don’t get a nickname like that for no reason and Times Square justifies it to the letter. At times, it really does feel like the whole world is passing through there on their way somewhere else and with around 39 million visitors per year quite a lot of them are!

Originally called Longacre Square, the area didn’t become known as Times Square until after the NY Times relocated their HQ to the Times Building, which is now One Times Square. The owner of the paper convinced the mayor to build a subway station there and subsequently the area was renamed shortly after. Before long the first electrified billboard arrived, followed by the Terminus of the newly constructed Lincoln Highway (which went right across the US to San Francisco) and the increased attention on this relatively small area prompted the phenomenal growth and development that millions stop to admire each and every year.

Today, Times Square is reaping the rewards of the building and cleanup programmes started in the 80s and continued during the 90s to the early 2000s by Giuliani. The remodelled area is now famously clean, safe and incredibly captivating. Wandering round at all hours of the night you’ll feel completely at ease and perfectly happy looking like a textbook tourist with your head facing straight up at the glorious skyline.

You’ll probably find Times Sqaure being the centre of many things that you do in New York, and will probably want to come back to the area on more than one occasion to have a good look around. There’s plenty to get through. You’ll find numerous attractions like Madame Tussaud’s, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, several sightseeing tours, exciting diners and famous eateries, world famous stores that you can spend all day in – and that’s without even mentioning Broadway!

Things to do in Times Square

  • Bowlmor Lanes
  • The Brill Building
  • Ripley’s Believe It Or Not
  • Madame Tussaud’s
  • Good Morning America
  • MTV
  • Paramount Theatre Marquee
  • Planet Hollywood
  • The Naked Cowboy
  • Times Square Museum

There’s a reason why there are so many hotels around Times Square – it’s a fantastic place to stay if you want to experience Manhattan. If you’re not scared of a brisk walk you will be able to walk to a lot of places from Times Square without needing the subway or a taxi, allowing you to see a lot of the city and experience the atmosphere first hand. You’ll also probably come across some charming delis and small stores that you would otherwise have missed.

Due to its popularity and the sheer volume of tourists you will find that souvenir shops and some restaurants here are higher priced than elsewhere in the city. Although the shops are great and well worth checking out, we’d recommend buying them elsewhere – you’ll be amazed how much cheaper you’ll find the same item somewhere else (Chinatown!). As for the restaurants, although you can probably get better value for money elsewhere we won’t try and persuade you not to bother with them because you’d be missing out on some fabulous relaxed dining! We love loads of them; Famous Dave’s, Tony’s DiNapoli, Planet Hollywood, Juniors and Roxy’s Diner are all well worth checking out and come recommended from us.

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