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The Empire State Building

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The Empire State Building
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34th St – Herald Square and 33rd at Park Avenue.
the NYPASS is valid for Empire State Building Observatory visits. You can also queue jump.Add a Tooltip Text
Tickets can be bought either in the lobby of the building or online. 2012 entry price: $35 / $24

The Empire State Building… centrepiece to New York City and surely the most recognisable building in the world. With a history to rival that of countries, let alone buildings, and fame second to nothing – the Empire State Building must top the list of any visitor to New York, first timers and returning travellers alike.

The Empire State Building was built in 1931, start to finish all 102 floors were completed in just 410 days. Built as a symbol of hope to Americans watching their country pull itself out of the Great Depression, the Empire State Building quickly established itself as the best loved building in New York and has been the number one place to visit in New York for tourists ever since.

Whether you’re visiting for a day or a week, the Empire State Building is high on everybody’s ‘what to see in New York’ list, and with good reason. From the moment you arrive in New York, the Empire State Building grabs your attention and as you make your way around its city from neighbourhood to neighbourhood it watches over you as it has done for the millions of New Yorkers that have walked its streets in the last 80+ years. A true icon of the city, and one that will be in your thoughts every time you venture out into the bustling streets of the world’s most exciting place. It’s impossible not to notice it as it stands proudly above Manhattan, transforming ordinary streets into memorable postcard views and the most mundane errand out to the shops into an exhilarating sightseeing experience.

We strongly recommend a visit to the Empire State Building on each and every trip to New York. The views are astonishing and well worth the time and entry fee but the atmosphere of the place is a truly magical experience to behold and one that captures New York’s influence on the world in an instant, immediately reminding you why you came and whetting your appetite for the remaining days of your trip.

aboutNewYork suggest trying the Empire State Building at the opposite time of day to when you visit the Top of The Rock (if you intend to), to ensure you get stunning views of the city at both day and night. If you plan it carefully, you may even get dawn and dusk if you’re lucky, and some glorious photos to take home. At the weekend you will find a saxophone player inside the enclosed area on the observation deck which is worth considering if you’re not sure when to go as it really adds to the atmosphere. There are no time restrictions once you’re up there so the added entertainment allows you to really soak it all up. Check their website for information on what colours the top will be illuminated in for each night of your trip, it may not sound that interesting but you’ll find yourself wondering what they mean if you don’t!

Other than that, just make sure you remember your camera (fully charged) and ensure you have some money for the gift shop.

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