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Top of The Rock
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47 – 50 St, Rockefeller Center
You can use your NYPASS at Top of The Rock
You can buy tickets for Top of The Rock at Rockefeller Center from the lobby or online.

The sprawling Rockefeller Center is home to offices, shops and studios as well as one of the most famous views in the city – the Top of the Rock.

The Top of the Rock is an exhilarating experience and one that, for many people, surpasses that of the Empire State Building. It is usually less busy here, which allows you more freedom to roam around, and there are more separate platforms to investigate which will occupy even more of your time while you savour the view from as many perspectives as possible.

70 floors and 259 metres in the sky, you can enjoy unobstructed 360 degree views of Manhattan from the top of one of its most famous landmarks. What’s not to love! The complex was the largest private building project ever in modern times, employing over 40,000 workers and taking over 9 years to complete all 14 buildings in 1939. The building itself is full of glorious art and opulent decoration that you can admire as you walk around to truly get a feeling for just how powerful a family the Rockefeller dynasty really is. The most famous of these probably being the giant Atlas outside ’30 Rock’, the huge Prometheus behind the ice rink and Japanese sculptor Noguchi’s enormous ten-ton plaque entitled ‘News’. When you’re done at the Top of the Rock, it’s definitely worth checking these on a walk around the complex – and then wandering off to the world famous Radio City Music Hall and the NBC Studios.

Rockefeller Center on TV / in the Movies: Rockefeller Center has been featured in Elf, Mad About You, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, Sleepless in Seattle and the TV show Saturday Night Live, which was filmed on location in the NBC Studios.

One of the greatest views from the Top of the Rock is of Central Park. Once you get up to the viewing area you will have a wonderful view of the whole area, which is obviously better during the day. This is another reason why we recommended to visit Top of the Rock in the morning and the Empire State Building at night. As you might expect, the Top of the Rock also has the benefit of giving you a fantastic view of the Empire State Building itself.

If you plan to go in Winter, particularly near Christmas, you will be able to go and see the giant Christmas tree and you may even fancy a go on the famous ice rink. Either way, grab yourself a coffee and hang around watching others have a go at it, it’s all part of the experience and chances are you’ll get to applaud someone who has just proposed! It happens a lot…

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